The Vital Human Marathon ::  

Feldenkrais® MARATHON Sunday, November 16, 2014 

An afternoon of Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, created by Moshe Feldenkrais and taught by practitioners from the Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic. 

Noon to 5pm, $15 each (100% of your donation goes to the Dougy Center)
Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside

November 16, 2014 Marathon Classes
Theme: The Esalen Series 
To Schedule online, go here. To schedule by email, email Contact

12:15pm TBA, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Spine Chain
1:15pm TBA, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Hip Rotation
2:15pm TBA, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Tilting Legs to Center
3:15pm TBA, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Shoulder Rotation 
4:15pm TBA, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Lengthening Hamstrings

Our first Marathon in May 2013 was an overwhelming success among participants who loved the fact their money went to a charitable organization, the Dougy Center for Grieving Children & FamiliesThe Dougy Center provides much needed counseling support for children from 3 years of age to young adults of 35 who have lost a parent or sibling. Vital Human's fundraising efforts in May 2013 resulted in a $1000 donation to The Dougy and efforts in November 2013 resulted in an $800 donation. We plan to continue donating to The Dougy Center for future Vital Human Marathons. 

Proceeds of $1000 were donated to The Dougy Center in the name of Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic.