The Vital Human Marathon ::  

Feldenkrais® MARATHON Sunday, November 16, 2014 

An afternoon of Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, created by Moshe Feldenkrais and taught by practitioners from the Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic. 

Noon to 5pm, $15 each (100% of your donation goes to the Dougy Center)
Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside

November 16, 2014 Marathon Classes
Theme: The Esalen Series 
To Schedule online, go here. To schedule by email, email Contact (Note: the online scheduler manages one session at a time. If you're interested in multiple sessions, it's easiest to contact us through our email.

Teachers for the November Marathon are our newest members of the Vital Human practitioner community. John Crawford, Russell Walker, and Wally Walsh graduated from the Eugene Feldenkrais Training in the spring of 2014 and we are pleased to highlight their teaching at this fundraising event. 

12:15pm Russell Walker, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Spine Chain
1:15pm John Crawford, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Hip Rotation
2:15pm John Crawford & Wally Walsh, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Tilting Legs to Center
3:15pm Wally Walsh, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Shoulder Rotation 
4:15pm Russell Walker, Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, Lesson: Lengthening Hamstrings

Our first Marathon in May 2013 was an overwhelming success among participants who loved the fact their money went to a charitable organization, the Dougy Center for Grieving Children & FamiliesThe Dougy Center provides much needed counseling support for children from 3 years of age to adults of 35 who have lost a parent or sibling.

Vital Human's fundraising efforts:
May 2013, $1000 donation to The Dougy Center.
November 2013, $800 donation to The Dougy Center.
May 2014, $1000 donation to The Dougy Center.