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Portland's Community Feldenkrais Clinic

Click to download/print image.Vital Human is a community Feldenkrais clinic focused on introducing the public to the potential and possibilities of The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education. Founded in 2010, we've helped hundreds of people become aware of how they can be proactive and increase the comfort and quality in their lives. 

Between now and February 2015, we are studying a series of lessons brought to the United States in 1972 by Moshe Feldenkrais, some of the seminal lessons he used to introduce his method. The format is as follows: a 45-minute Awareness Through Movement lesson takes place, followed by 20 minutes of discussion, and then a short break. There are 3 lessons for each of these special clinics. 

Note: The Vital Human clinic meets 12 times a year, on the 3rd Sunday of each month. We rent space from Hipbone Studio and each Feldenkrais teacher has an office and teaches classes in the community. After you have attended several clinics and get the idea of the Method, you are welcome to attend those community classes to deepen your learning process.  

When: The 3rd Sunday of EVERY MONTH

The November Vital Human clinic will be a fundraiser for The Dougy Center. We will have a Feldenkrais Marathon with 5 Feldenkrais lessons taught by 3 different teachers. 

Join us! Noon-5, November 16


Feldenkrais Classes: 45-minute classes, $35/all three, $15 per class. 

@ 12:45 pm
@ 2:00 pm
@ 3:15 pm

The online scheduler is ideal for booking one or two classes. If you want to attend all three, it's simplest to email us and we'll put your name on our list. 




Where:  Hipbone Studio, 1847 East Burnside, #104, Portland

Themes: From September 2014 - February 2015, each clinic includes three Awareness Through Movement lessons followed by 20 minutes of discussion and a short break before the next class begins. You may attend one, two, or all classes on any of the following dates. 

September 21: The Esalen Lessons 
October 19: The Esalen Lessons 
November 16: Feldenkrais® Marathon (a fundraiser), Esalen Lessons 
December 21: The Esalen Lessons 

January 18: The Esalen Lessons 
February 15: The Esalen Lessons