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Portland's Low-Fee Feldenkrais Clinic

When: Every month, on the 3rd Sunday 

Feldenkrais Class: 50-minute class @ 12:15pm
$5, 10 spaces  
Individual Sessions: 45-minute appointment, $25 
2:45 and 3:45pm, by appointment 



Where:  Hipbone Studio, 1847 East Burnside, #104, Portland

Vital Human was founded with a mission to introduce new and prospective students to the potential and possibilities of The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education. Since 2010.

We welcome anyone interested in enhancing the quality of life to attend our Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic low-fee lessons and classes. In our four years of operation, we have helped hundreds of people learn more about accessing their resilience and adapability in order to live more fully. Our plan is to continue doing just that. Join us! 

2014 themes include

January 19: Finding Solid Ground 
February 16: Awakening Your Spine
March 16: Happy Feet & Ankles
April 20: Getting Twisty With It
May 18: Spring Feldenkrais® Marathon (a fundraiser)
June 15: Building Better Balance
July 20: Changing Directions, No Muss & No Fuss 
August 17: Creating Comfort
September 21: The Whole Self Gets Involved 
October 19: Orienting to Up, Following Your Body's Lead
November 16: Fall Feldenkrais® Marathon (a fundraiser)
December 21: The Breath of You  

Vital Human